Basic Idea of Acupuncture

The basic idea of acupuncture is to recover the patient by fully utilizing one's self-healing mechanism. The insertion of fine needles into special points along the meridians can rebalance the body and get rid of disharmonies. The needles stimulate Qi (energy) and blood, and thus regulate the associated internal tissues and organs. The stimulation with the so called tonifying method can restore what is deficient, such as chronic fatigue; the reducing method can remove stagnancies and sedate excessive conditions such as fever, sciatica, or insomnia. Since no material is injected into the patient's body, the side effects can be neglected.

Nowadays, more and more people, medical doctors, as well as health insurance companies recognize that acupuncture is an effective way of pain control. Pain is a common symptom that appears in a variety of diseases. There are two major causes of pain: stagnation and deficiency. Stagnation may be a result of stress, injury, wind, dampness, or cold. When those internal or external factors block the normal circulation of Qi and blood, distending or stabbing pain will be experienced. Deficiency refers to insufficiency of Qi, blood, yin, or yang. When the organ, tissue, limbs, or meridians lack warming energy or nourishment, one will suffer dull pain.