Dr. Sun graduated from Beijing T.C.M. and Herbology College in 1990 and was licensed in California in 1992. He has been teaching at acupuncture schools such as DRU, Samra University, and Emperor’s College for the past 16 years. He received his Ph.D. degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine in 2007.


Dr. Tao graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University majoring in Modern medicine and Dongguk-Royal University majoring in acupuncture.


We provide the local community with high quality and affordable health care services ranging from acupuncture (diagnosis and treatment), herbal therapy to advanced therapeutic massage. Our goal is to prevent and treat diseases, and to maintain a healthy life by stimulating the natural healing mechanisms of the human body. Do you want to be free from pain? Are you sick and tired of surgery and pharmaceutical medicine? Try the natural way now!