Tou Tong 头痛


Headache refers to a condition where pain in the head is the major symptom. This is caused by either external pathogenic factors or internal disorders. The external factor according to Chinese medicine is mainly wind - usually associated with cold, heat, or dampness. The internal disorders include emotional stress, improper diet, deuteropathic debility, postpartum, blood loss, and sexual indulgence.

According to the pathogenesis, headache can be classified into eight types: wind-cold, wind-heat, wind-dampness, blood-deficiency, blood stasis, phlegm retention, liver-Yang rising, and kidney-deficiency (Chinese medical terminology). In clinical practice, the most common type is "liver-Yang rising". The modern lifestyle gives us too much stress which prevents proper anchorage of the liver’s Yang energy so the energy goes up to the head. When excessive energy and blood accumulate in the head, headache will be felt. The treatment strategy is to detoxify the liver, soothe liver-Qi, and calm the mind. Both acupuncture and herbs can fulfill this strategy. Many patients can experience an immediate relief of pain right after a session of acupuncture treatment. Without any painkiller, we can help you get rid of the headache!