T&S Series Herbal Supplements

All Natural


Acne Detoxer

Clears heat, releases toxicities, regulates immunity, and balances the endocrine system. A revolutionary new recipe for acne. Effective in 1-3 days, recovery in 5-7 days.


Hemorrhoid Detoxer

Clears heat, releases toxicities, cleanses the colon, reduces swellings, relieves itching and pain. A marvelous prescription for hemorrhoid. Feel better overnight, recover within a week!


Urogenital Detoxer

Clears "damp-heat", releases toxicities, promotes urination. Relieves symptoms of U.T.I., vaginal infection, and prostatitis.


Lipid Detoxer

A wonderful reliable new prescription for high cholesterol. As effective as Lipitor but no side effects such as tiredness and bodyache. Helps digestion, reduces blood fat and cholesterol, cleanses the colon. Lipid Detoxer can reduce bad cholesterol up to 30% in 1-3 months!


Libido Mate (Libido Booster for Men)

Tonifies kidney-Essence, strengthens the Vital Energy, increases sexual drive, and helps erection. An excellent herb composition for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.


Libido Mate (Libido Booster for Women)

Tonifies kidney-Essence, strengthens the Vital Energy, nourishes the ovaries, increases sexual drive, moistens skin, hair, and vagina.


Anti-Allergy Tea

Hay fever, nasal allergy; stuffy nose, runny nose, and sneezing. Clears your nose without making you drowsy.


Anti-Flu Tea

Clears heat, releases toxicities; reduces fever; relieves stuffy nose sore throat and bodyache.


Sleeping Tea

Calms your mind, relaxes your nerves, gets rid of insomnia and nightmares, and refreshes your body without giving you a headache or making you feel drowsy the next day.