Frozen Shoulder


The terminology of Frozen Shoulder is Scapulohumeral Periarthritis. Periarthritis of the shoulder joint is an inflammatory disorder primarily involving the soft tissues. The condition may be divided into a primary type, in which no obvious cause can be identified, and a secondary type associated with an organic lesion (eg, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fracture or dislocation). The primary type is most common in the minor shoulder among women after the fourth decade. It may be manifested as inflammation of the articular synovia, the tendons around the joint, the intrinsic ligamentous capsular bands, the paratendinous bursae (especially the subacromial), or the bicipital tendon sheath. Calcareous tendinitis and attritional disease of the rotator cuff, with or without tears, are incidental lesions.

According to Chinese Medicine, frozen shoulder is related to chronic shoulder strain, acute traumatic injury, retrograde infection, invasion by "wind-cold-dampness", inflammation, and reduced movement.

Acupuncture will have very good effect in most cases. The treatment will promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation of the soft tissues, and relieve adhesion of the muscles, and thus alleviate the pain. The patient will experience even better results if taking herbs.